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 Tips To Boost Your GamerScore

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PostSubject: Tips To Boost Your GamerScore   Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:41 pm

Looking to get a higher gamerscore? Yes
Can't seem to get all thoose achievments? No
Are you the laughing stock of your Xbox LIVE friends? Embarassed
Well then you came to the right place! cheers
I will share some tips i have and hopefully some other members will share some too =)

1. Pick games you know your GOOD at! (duh) affraid

2. Play games with easy achievements like Avatar, Madden 06, TMNT, King Kong, etc. Smile

3. If theres any old games that you used to play(and were half decent at) that are on Xbox arcade, then buy thoose and thats an easy 200 points. For example when Wolfenstein 3D came to Xbox arcade I knew i was good at it so i bought it and got all 200 gamerpoints in
one day. Commander Keen

4. Sports games usually have pretty easy achievements, so if you like sports then you guessed it, get sports games Basketball

5. Geometry Wars! i think like 1 in every 3 people is born with the skill to beast in Geometry Wars, you might happen to be one of them and thats another 200 easy points (make sure you are good by playing the trial game first) Like a Star @ heaven

6. Alot of people like FPS games, and they tend to have pretty good achievements. Theres alot of shooter games so you have a wide selection. Shoot

thoose are just a few tips, anyone else care to put in their 2 cents? Very Happy
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Tips To Boost Your GamerScore
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